Special Inspections

Ryan-Biggs has been actively providing Special Inspection services since the requirements were first introduced in the Building Code of New York State in 2002.

As the Registered Design Professional, we tailor the Statement and Schedule of Special Inspection to meet code requirements as well as the specific needs of each project.

We strongly believe that as the Structural Engineer of Record, we are the most qualified to provide the required Special Inspection services for the project. As Special Inspector we:

  • Work closely with testing agencies to provide timely, comprehensive inspections for each project.
  • Use our expertise of the project’s structural design to provide knowledgeable inspection of all types of building materials.
  • Use our cooperative relationships with Contractors to streamline the Special Inspection process.
  • Provide open communication between the Engineer of Record, the Code Official, and the Contractor to ensure timely resolution of construction issues.