Historic Preservation & Masonry Restoration

Ryan-Biggs offers a complete range of structural restoration services including nondestructive testing, investigations, state-of-the-art masonry restorations, timber rehabilitation, and renovations of historic structures. The firm has provided structural engineering services for:

  • 10 Save America’s Treasures properties
  • 25 National Historic Landmarks
  • 80 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places  

It is our policy to provide services consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s “Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties” for all historical projects whether they are listed as historical landmarks or not.

Since Masonry Construction magazine has implemented its national award programs, two of our projects were the recipients of Best Historic Restoration awards. Both buildings are listed on the National Register. We have also received several other national awards for historical restoration.

We have a long history of working cooperatively with and for historical groups and agencies in New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Much of our work comes by way of referral, especially restoration work. Many of our preservation projects have received funding through grants and have been well received by preservation groups.